Free Graduation Photo's
Complements of Phi Theta Kappa

Photo's were taken during the graduation ceremony and in the quad during the reception. These photo's are now available online for you to download and print.

If you download any images, please email Brian Jean at with a brief note stating how many images you downloaded. We simply want to track the usage to help us decide if we will continue doing this for future graduations.

To download the images to your computer, follow the instructions that follow:

  1. Click on the thumbnail.
  2. A much larger image, will pop-up. Be patient, this image is very large, any where from 3 to 6 MB, and could take a few seconds to a few minutes depending on the speed of your internet connection.
  3. Right click on that image and select “Save Image As”. This will save the hi-resolution digital image to your computer.

Once you have it on your computer you can place it on a CD and bring it to Costo, WalMart, or any place that prints digital images. You can also upload the image(s) to one of the many online photo processing services. We will provide you with the images at no charge; however, you are responsible for any and all printing charges.

To view the images, CLICK HERE.

Please note that the images will remain online until the end of the summer at which time they will be archived to save room on our server.

Congratulations on becoming Taft College Alumni!

Enjoy the photo's!